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Germany’s refreshing approach to researcher mobility

By Margret Wintermantel, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Internationalizing German universities, attracting highly qualified researchers and students, and increasing global competitiveness are among the DAAD's most important goals.

Invisible agents: Faculty as internationalizers

By Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University

So long as faculty mobility is regarded as a begrudged necessity and not as an opportunity, we sever global research from local teaching.

Meeting our research goal by recruiting and advancing talented researchers

By Jiecai Han and Xiaohong Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology

To survive the fierce competition for scholars in China, HIT is both bringing in talented researchers from abroad and cultivating talented researchers by sending them abroad

Researcher mobility in different stages of national research development

By Georgin Lau and Lei Pan, Elsevier

Interaction with the international research community through researcher mobility may be essential for a country’s research development.

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Researcher mobility

Volume 4, Issue 2 – 2014

The discussion of researcher mobility within this issue has the ingredients for a compelling drama: money, competition and talent.

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America's Knowledge Economy

This report explores the comparative research strengths of states and their use to drive innovation, attract jobs, and foster economic growth.

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