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Shaping our future: The University of Birmingham’s challenge to attain research excellence

By Adam Tickell, University of Birmingham

Under the leadership of a new vice chancellor, the University of Birmingham went through an ambitious transformation to become a leading global university.

Challenge accepted – Japan’s AIMR champions mathematical integration to afford infinite possibilities

By Motoko Kotani, Tohoku University

Materials science seems to be at a turning point. The Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR) at Tohoku University is playing a leading role by developing interdisciplinary research in a supportive environment.

Tackling grand challenges: Boosting interdisciplinarity to embrace complexity, unknowns and imperfection

By Gabriele Bammer, The Australian National University

For a team-based interdisciplinary effort to successfully address complex, real-world grand challenges, we need to boost our problem-solving skill sets.

Genomics era gives rise to new breed of complex, cross-cutting projects

Interview with Mary Ellen Perry, NIH, and George Weinstock, WUSTL

Supported by the NIH Common Fund, the Human Microbiome Project is an example of the genome era creating a large-scale, complex project that spans multiple disciplines.

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Interdisciplinary Research

Volume 3, Issue 2 – 2013

Interdisciplinary research is examined from various perspectives, including real-world examples from life sciences and materials science.

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Research Commercialisation: From Ideas to IPO | May 19-20, 2014

A new cross discipline partnering event to promote university-industry-investor collaboration, technology transfer and start-ups. Expert speakers, case studies and networking.

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