Research assessment | 2016

Research assessments are increasing in number and scope around the globe. Nations and institutions want to inform funding decisions, report to key stakeholders, and identify opportunities for efficiencies and growth. This issue explores various methods for carrying out research assessments, such as using a combination of peer review and bibliometric indicators to assess research quality and achieve long-term economic development.

Investing in impact | Volume 5, Issue 1 – 2015

This issue explores funding agencies' strategies behind achieving growth and impact, and the development of a successful international research center at an academic institution.

Researcher mobility | Volume 4, Issue 2 – 2014

The discussion of researcher mobility within this issue has the ingredients for a compelling drama: money, competition and talent.

Academic research and economic development | Volume 4, Issue 1 – 2014

Academic leaders discuss innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development in context of their institutions and regions.

Interdisciplinary Research | Volume 3, Issue 2 – 2013

Interdisciplinary research is examined from various perspectives, including real-world examples from life sciences and materials science.

Research ROI | Volume 3, Issue 1 – 2013

The impact of academic research on our well-being, industry and planet is unquestionable; the ability to quantify that impact is the greater challenge.

TEAM SCIENCE | Volume 2, Issue 2 – 2012

Academic leaders from around the globe share their knowledge of and experience with team science — both the pluses and the pitfalls.

BRAIN CIRCULATION | Volume 2, Issue 1 – 2012

Brain drain implies a one-way movement of talent from the developing world to research powerhouse nations; brain circulation, however, reflects the circular aspects of this movement, which are often beneficial on both sides.

RESEARCH AND PUBLIC OPINION | Volume 1, Issue 2 – 2011

In this issue, academic leaders from the US, Ireland, Japan and Mexico explore the symbiotic relationship between research and public opinion.

COLLABORATION | Volume 1, Issue 1 – 2011

In this issue, academic leaders from the University of Oxford; the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and National Tsing Hua University share their perspectives on collaboration within global and national contexts.